My body of work includes portraits, still lives, landscapes and the nude.

Currently, as before, my work begins with paint on canvas or paper. Now, as I find interconnected meaning in all of life, a concept that interests me is pareidolia which is the idea of ascribing meaning to vague or random stimuli e.g. seeing faces in clouds. I am also drawn to discussions on the terrain of Mars (the face people see near Cydonia), and tibetan projection mandalas.

Starting with brush strokes in gestural mode, I establish both forward and in depth the space in the work. I look for color harmonies or discords depending on my intent. I look at the work as if gazing through a window and if nascent images appear, I develop this direction. Figurative content is and remains suggested and no illustration is employed.

I leave the onlooker to do his/her own dreaming and identifying.

My intention is to slow down the experience looking into a contemplative gaze that allows the spectator to see their own projections, experiences, proclivities as when dreaming. Chang Tzu dreams he is a butterfly that alights on a branch and dreams he is Chang Tzu.